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November Updates- NaNoWriMo and More!

Updated: May 20

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've checked in, so I wanted to fill you in on my publishing journey!

In October, I worked with a proofreader and copy editor to revise and edit my book, and then sent it over for formatting. I got back the first proof last week, and oh my goodness- it's starting to feel real, y'all!

Once I get the second proof back, I'll send it over to my editor and mentor for final approval. Then it will go to print (eep!). We are still on track for a February release!

In other news, I participated this past month in my first ever #nanowrimo. While I went into it never expecting to meet the 50k word goal, I am proud to say that I started and finished an entire new book! Suprise!

I never would have believed that I would be able to write an entire book in a month, but in the end I somehow pulled it off. 10k words, 110 pages, 70 poems and interludes, a prologue and an epilogue later- it's done!

book cover seven legendary monsters

Seven Legendary Monsters is my Guaraní mythology epic, which tells the story of the legendary monsters from the point of view of the gods, monsters and mortals who came into contact with them. It consists of 9 chapters- one for each of the monsters, and one for each of the women who made and destroyed them.

In the midst of all of this, I got COVID, which has set me back a bit. But I was still able to prep and send out all my winter poetry submissions this past week. My final submission stats for this year are:

- 48 lit mags queried
-4 acceptances
-2 withdrawn
-18 declined
-24 pending

All in all, it's been a busy year! Hoping to keep up the momentum through the new year and beyond!

Happy Holidays, y'all!
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